The Cost of Central Air Conditioning

There are several factors you need to consider when thinking of buying central air conditioning.

Homeowners who opt for central air conditioning will naturally look at the cost and use this as one of the parameters for making the final decision to buy one. As a prudent consumer, you will definitely make a detailed research by searching websites of manufacturers and dealers. You can also check out newspaper advertisements, visit appliance shops and ask the recommendations of friends and next of kin. Your objective is to get a unit at the least possible cost and be assured of minimal maintenance expenses. At the same time, you will look for a unit that can provide maximum cooling capacity and less electric consumption. Energy-efficiency will be your long-term consideration although appliances with higher efficiency are relatively more expensive. In considering central air conditioning cost, there are factors that you need to look at.

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Factors in Determining Costs

When people talk about efficiency of cooling systems, the main point is the quantity of energy converted into cold air measured up to the sum total of power lost. This is probably the most essential aspect in finding out the price of this particular unit since it has a bearing on continuing savings for the consumer. You also have to take into account the trademark and model as well as the features. Some of these units are so high-tech and temperatures can be adjusted using even your mobile telephones. There are central air conditioner units that operate at various stages and therefore more costly than other less complicated models. The bottom line is that energy efficiency ratings can likewise depend on the use of this appliance. You spend more for electricity during the summer season when it is frequently used.

You should be quite familiar with the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio score. A high rating means more cooling effectiveness and higher price. For consumers who are not too knowledgeable about this SEER, the ratings start with 13 up to 23. However, old models can have rankings lower than 13. This is the result of a ratification in 2006 that was made in accordance with the Federal Energy Conservation Act. There are also the sound ratings wherein AC units with minor ratings or those that are not too loud are priced expensively.

Installation and Dimension Factors

The costs of central air conditioning units are also partly dependent on the expenses incurred for the installation procedures. The need for pipe work and complex fitting will certainly push the prices upward. The space of the area, which is measured in square foot, affects cooling requirements. If you have a bigger area, you will need a larger unit so the price will most likely go up. The number of people living in the house can also shape the cooling capacity. Houses with a smaller number of occupants need a big system to absorb the body heat that is generated.

According to research, the SEER is the major determinant of long-term central air conditioning cost. Recent statistics show the following:

  • From $2, 500 to $7,000 (high-efficiency and low monthly costs) for units with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio score of 16 to 23
  • $5,500 reasonable efficiency for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of 14 to 17
  • $1,750 to $4,000 (low efficiency but ideal for rental) for SEER of 13