Mini Split Type vs. Window AC

You should carefully consider which type of air conditioning unit will best meet your requirements, as well as help you save money in the long-term.

Are you planning to purchase a new air conditioning unit? It may be difficult to make a choice right away considering that each model has different positive and negative aspects. The key is to study the features, prices and long-term benefits of particular models before finally choosing which one to purchase. Take for instance the window AC and mini split type variety.

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Features of Window Models

The window air conditioner is currently the most popular model among all cooling systems. Nevertheless, it may not be the most feasible option in terms of effectiveness, convenience and usefulness. So far, its biggest advantage is the cost and installation. You can easily set up one by following directions in the manual. There is no need to get a certified mechanic but you should get help in carrying the appliance around due to its heavy weight and bulk. The operation is quite simple so even children will know how to operate this window air conditioning. This unit is ideal for cooling a single room.

This unit should be put near a window which means less natural light for the room. It must have the right size so you will not find it difficult to fit in into the aperture. Otherwise, you need to fill up the gaps around the air conditioner with durable material that will prevent the cool air from going out.  You can always use wood to plug the breaches but this lessens visibility even more. Another alternative is to utilize material fabricated from translucent polycarbonate glass. There is a big security risk when you choose this variety since the large opening can be used by burglars to get inside your home.

Attributes of Mini Split Systems

The mini split air conditioning units require professional assistance during installation and a small cost. This specific system puts together an outdoor condenser with smaller wall-mounted cooling components referred to as zones. These are installed where you need them such as interior or exterior walls. No windows are required. You can link a minimum of two room units. Certain systems include cooling and heating and are more adaptable than a window air conditioner.

Installation is usually invasive so the tubeless split system is not a good option for people who merely rent. On the contrary, it can be a valuable investment for homeowners since no duct work is needed. These units are generally more efficient and quiet than the window variety. It usually includes remote control capacity.

It is called split-type since it follows the principle of central air conditioning which separates the cold from the hot parts of the appliance. The mini split doses not use ductwork. The two sections are linked by coolant lines, condensate pipes and electrical connections. This is the reason why it is called ductless air conditioning.  This model can also function as heat pumps during the winter season. Split air conditioners are fixed on the inside and outdoor portions of a concrete wall. The two components can be separated by approximately 40 feet.