How to Take Proper Care of Your AC

In order to make the most out of your investment, you must take good care and ensure the maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

Make sure to take good care of your air conditioning units. The parts and repair services are fairly expensive so prevention is still better than cure. You have to be aware that the usual issues are brought about by flawed installation, insufficient maintenance and inferior service methods.

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Leaks and inadequate circulation of air are often the result of hasty mounting and failure to check connections. At times, the amount of refrigerant does not match with directions made by the manufacturer or provisions in the owner’s manual. The refrigerant should be charged properly or else the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner is weakened. Be careful in choosing your technician. One who does not have the experience may not be capable of addressing these issues and cause more problems for you.

Practical Points in Air Conditioner Care

Regular maintenance is required for any air conditioning unit. If this is not enforced, you can expect a continuous degeneration of its components along with the entire unit. The fans and compressor will most likely be the parts to deteriorate quickly. It is essential to watch out for several issues to prevent the deterioration of your home air conditioning.

Pay attention to possible leakage of the refrigerant. The experienced technician will not only add refrigerant compound but patch up the leak and test the entire system as well. You get optimal performance if the charge corresponds with the specifications of the manufacturer. Remember that the unit must not be under or over-charged.

Be wary of the breakdown of electrical controls. Fan controls and compressors deteriorate rapidly due to the frequent turning on and off. Corroded wires and terminals are also frequent air conditioner problems. Make it a habit to clean the filters or replace defective parts. The efficiency of your appliance is hampered if these filters are filthy and clogged. Normal air circulation is prevented and cool air is restricted. The dirt can also be conveyed directly to the evaporator coil and spoil its capability to absorb heat. Filters are located in the unit, furnace, walls and ceilings. These should be cleaned every month during the cooling season. In the same manner, evaporator and condenser coils accumulate dirt in the process of daily operations of air conditioning units. The evaporator coil must be inspected at least once every year and cleaned as needed. External condenser coils should also be subject to regular cleaning. Remove all leaves and rubbish that gather around the metal fins. There is a tool called fin comb that can bring back twisted fins into their original shape.

It is equally important to insulate air canals to preclude the unnecessary loss of cold and hot air before it reaches individual rooms in the house. This is more applicable for central air conditioning. You must not allow cool air to flow from supply duct ways and hot air from the attic leak into return pipes. This is a big waste of energy. Ducts must be kept sealed at all times so that the unit will run efficiently.