How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

Read these tips to help you cut costs on your air conditioning use.

Energy bills usually go up due to the frequent use of appliances such as HVAC units. In fact, these appliances account for more than 15 percent of homeowners’ total expenses for electricity. This affects not only individual consumers but the entire community as well. Almost 50 percent of power consumption in the country is caused by the burning of coal and use of these cooling appliances. Unfortunately, this stretches the network to the limits and often leads to power failure and inferior quality of air. This means that you need to be prudent in using these appliances in order to be able to cope with expenses and protect the protect the environment.

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Tips in Saving on Air-Conditioning Expenses

You can reduce expenses with your air conditioning units especially during the hot summer months in many ways.

  • Get the exact dimensions of the unit you plan to purchase prior to making the actual acquisition. The different aspects that should influence your choice include the room size and temperature as well as location of windows. Refrain from getting a unit which is too large since this will cost you more in the long-term.
  • Develop awareness about the SEER. This ideal seasonal energy efficiency ratio is pegged at 13 0r 14 for balmy climates while the suitable grade for room conditioners should be at 11 or higher. Units with high efficiency will cost more initially but your bills will get lower in a few years.
  • You need to undertake maintenance checks on a regular basis for your air conditioners. Start by changing the filter each month during the cooling period and inspection by a mechanic at the start of this season. This is one of the home appliances that use up a lot of electricity. If the SEER goes down to eight, it becomes necessary to replace this with another unit which is more energy-efficient.
  • Make it a point to install a thermostat that can be programmed. This will allow you to preset the temperature before you leave.
  • Place the condenser in a cool area so it can dispose of the heat from your house. This device should not be covered by flowering shrubs or other plants. However, you can plant tress that can provide a natural cover to reduce sunlight and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. It is also advisable to let curtains down or close the draperies to prevent too much sunshine from coming in. Setting up a sunshade is also a practical move.
  • Close up all apertures that will make the cold air coming from your air conditioning unit to seep out. This will definitely lower your costs. The places that you should watch are the windows, doors, vents and other openings.
  • Put in ceiling fans that you can us during summer months. It will be better for you to use fans alone occasionally. However, use the fan only when you are inside the room. It does not bring down the temperature but enhances the evaporation from your skin and help you to feel fresh.
  • A big portion of the heat enters the house by way of the roof so it pays to make sure the air circulates freely in your attic. Placing a fan in the attic can cut down cooling expenditures.

These are just some pointers that you can adopt so you will not be burdened by energy consumption issues caused by the use of air conditioners.