Are Window Air Conditioners Economical?

Are you trying to decide whether you should buy a window or a central air conditioning unit? Read on to find out if a window unit will help you save money.

Some people assert that the window air conditioner is more economical especially for cooling a room with limited space or two small areas. Besides, the window model calls for a lesser amount of maintenance checks. This appliance should be installed at the window as the name suggests so it can discard the hot air. It purges moisture from the room to help keep up cool temperature by condensing the warm air. However, this window-type unit is quite noisy because of the intensity of the vibration. Other homeowners claim that there is a more cost-effective cooling system. This is the central air conditioning unit.

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Central and Window Units

One contention is that the central is more efficient than window-units. The former has been described as possessing the capability to maintain lower temperature in additional rooms compared to residences fitted with window-type units. Yet, the window units were reported as utilizing lesser energy daily and based on square foot measurement by a ratio of 1.75. This happens since homes with the central model keep all rooms cool even those without occupants while the window model can cool only a maximum of two rooms. The central air conditioners usually have conduits in unconditioned upper floors.  Based on studies, these ducts result to losses that make up for at least 20 percent of the cooling output. At the same time, residents tend to forget to turn off the central type since this is relatively inconspicuous and silent as against the window variety which is often loud. Thus, you remember to switch it off before leaving the room.

Making your Final Choice

With these concerns, you need to make a good decision in choosing the units that are appropriate for your requirements. Perhaps, the energy efficiency rating aspect will make you decide in favor of the window air conditioner. The guideline is that an appliance with a high EER score, which is 8 or above, is generally more cost-effective. One other consideration is the Energy Star ranking which have economical components. These units’ compressors or pumps do not operate continuously making the AC cheaper to maintain. There are cooling appliances that have earned the nod of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers because of the EER ratings. The Energy Department said that the air conditioner that has an energy efficiency rating of 10 can offer you cost-savings in electricity.

The cooling capability of this model is measured through the BTU or British Thermal Units every hour. The fundamental rule requires approximately 20 BTUs per square foot of a particular space. These units have roughly 5,000 to 14,000 British Thermal Units just right for medium-sized rooms. Larger areas can be made colder by the central air conditioner.

Aside from being inexpensive in terms of energy consumption, this specific unit can be installed without difficulty. Again, this means lesser expenses for the budget-conscious homeowner. You do not have to make any significant renovations since these can be fitted easily into any type of windows with minor modifications. These units are handy and can be moved easily from one place to the other.